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Sleeve directions
Sleeve directions  
QUESTION: I'm making a carcoat with raglan sleeves in a v stitch pattern. I've included a picture of the instructions for the sleeves. It says to start with the v-st pattern in row 1 and in the next row to continue but add 1 dc at each edge. It starts with 5 V-st and ends with 9 but there's supposed to be 17 rows total. I'm not sure what stitch I'm putting the dc, how to work them into the pattern and also how does it increase over 17 rows? Can you clarify?  Thank you.

ANSWER: Hello Kim:

This is going to help in he shaping. The increase will be added to the last stitch of the row, on each needed row. So after you do the v stitch, when you get to the end, just add the dc.

Hope this helped.

Happy Hooking


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I still don't think I'm following. This increases the v-st in every row except the first and second and im supposed to have 17 rows. If I increase one every row, I will end up with 20 v-st instead of 9.  Once I add the dc at the end, when I turn do I start with a v-st in the (ch & dc)??? which will give me 20 v-st. Thank you for your help.

Hello Kim.

In Row two you should already have the 9 V stitches. The only thing that is increasing per row is the DC, not the v stitches. The shaping for this section is even, the next section will give you the shaping you need for the sleeve.

Hope this make sense.

Happy Hooking



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