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Crochet/Chevron Pattern question


Hi-I found a single crochet chevron pattern with 14 stitches on each side of the "V"-I decided to make the same pattern, with the 14 stitch sides (I want a deep "V")-but my question is the beginning and ends of the rows--to end a row do I just do 14 stitches, chain 3 and turn then do 13 to start the new row?  I have looked at other patterns, some say to skip a stitch at the end (like skip stitch 13 then do 14, chain up and turn) and some just say do the 14, chain up and turn. I am afraid of an uneven edge, or the dreaded "growing or shrinking width" atht has happened to me in the past. Please help!

Hi Jody,

Every pattern will be a little bit different with this. Probably the best bet is for you to do a gauge of each method. This might take  a little bit more effort but then you will know which look you like the best for the pattern.

Happy Crocheting :)



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Natalie Paterson


I can answer questions that concern reading crochet patterns and filet charts. I am not qualified to help with patterns that are only picture charts. I specialize in thread or cotton crochet, especially making doilies.


I have been crocheting for the past 6 years and have made many different projects. I have also helped many beginners start on their crocheting journing. I have done both wool and thread crochet, but I am better at thread crochet. I specialize in making doilies and lace items such as tablecloths, place settings, etc.

Crochet is a very enjoyable hobby that I pursue, but I have never had any education regarding this subject. What I know I am self taught and have perfected through many years of practice. I have finished my bachelor degree at college, and I just joining the workforce.

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