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Crochet/Heartwarming Wrap (crochet pattern for baby)


QUESTION: I have started this pattern twice and can't seem to come up with the correct number of double clusters (24) as instructed.  I have too  many.  I know how to read instructions and how to make a double cluster.  My # of stitches on row 2 is accurate.  Here is the Row 3 instr:  Ch5, turn, dc in next 2 dc, work Bouble Cluster, *dc in same dc and in next 2 dc, work Double Cluster; repeat from * across...end with 24 Double Clusters.  (Previous row has 99 stitches.)
Can you help?

ANSWER: Hello iris

Thanks for the question. I was able to find some info on this pattern. I don't own the pattern, but the instructions are very specific, and I think that may be where the issue is.

"Read very carefully where the stitches are worked. A DC is worked after the double cluster, but in the same stitch as the double cluster. It looks like each repeat uses 4 stitches of the previous row. The previous row has 99 stitches. 99 divided by 4 would be 24 double clusters. The double cluster is worked into the double crochet below the last double crochet worked. So you would be working back one stitch. So the problem is probably in your placement of your stitches. Good luck."

I do hope this helped.

Happy hooking


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your input, but I had done the math and knew what had to happen, but the instructions for that row were erroneous.  When I figured that out, everything else was fine.  Since you don't own the pattern, you could not have known this.

Hello Iris:

Yes, that is correct, I don't own the pattern, but the issue that you are having is a common issue. The respond I found at one of the crochet boards on the topic/issue. I provided the information to give you the insight on the issue. At times it could be the pattern is poorly written, or missing information, but in this case that was not the issue.

I hope you got the pattern row correct and able to finish your project.

Thanks again for the question and hope it she some insight.

Happy hooking



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