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Crochet/RE: baby weight yarn versus bedspread cotton thread


Hello,  I am going to crochet a baptismal outfit and I would prefer to use baby yarn, but the pattern calls for #10 bedspread cotton thread.  Would it be a hugh difference  The gauge with the thread is 36 dc and 16 rows = 4".  Thank you


Hello jacki

Thanks for the question.

Yes it will make a difference. Yarn being thicker can make the piece look chunkier, specially if it's very detail. As long as you keep the gauge and adjust accordingly you will be ok.

I suggest that you make a patch with the section that has the most detail so you can see how it will look.

I make baptism gown, those are my favorite, and only make them in size 10, yarn, in my opinion just just does not give it that heirloom look.

Good luck.

Happy hooking



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