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Crochet/fpdc in stitch BELOW the current row


QUESTION: Me again, to ease my guilt over bugging you I just sent you a donation!  My question is I'm trying to follow a pattern for lobster claw cable crochet, and it says to fpdc in stitch BELOW the next stitch of the current row, but the rows don't exactly line up on exactly on top of the other. They are slightly offset each time. So is the stitch I'm looking for (in the row below the current row) the one slightly to the left of the next stitch or the one slightly to the right?  Like it's rows of double crochets, but instead of putting the fpdc into the next double crochet in my row, it says to put it in the corresponding stitch in the previous row, but the stitches aren't exactly lined up. I seem to have 2 choices of which stitch to use. Should I send a picture to show you what I mean?  THANK you! -- Laurie

ANSWER: Hi Laurie

Thanks for the question.  Yes send me a pic. And if you can the pattern. Please make sure to make the request private, if the pattern is included.

Usually when you stitch one row below, it should line up, but that also depends on the stitch. So then to keep them visually
Consistent, you will need to use the correct stitch below.

Without the pattern it's hard to instruct, since the pattern may have some key information that may give me a clue.

Look forward to your reply.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Where fpdc
Where fpdc  

where pattern
where pattern  
QUESTION: Hi again, I crocheted with thick yarn to hopefully make it easier for you to see in the attached photos.  I can't figure out where to put my fpdc in the row below the row I'm working on.  I'm sending 2 pictures.  Thank you SO much!

Hi Laurie.

Thanks for the question and donation. Sorry for the delay.

You will do the stitch in the same location you did the stitch the row before. I know it looks difficult, but once you do one or two, you will see how the pattern of it works out. The row will look a bit strange, since the stitches will be leaning forward, this is ok. Once you have a few rows in place, the piece will start taking shape and looking good.

I have attached a link to a video that can shed some light.

it could be just the picture, but the fpdc does not look correct. I have attached a link to a video showing how to do the fpdc.

hopefully this will help. Should you need any assistance, please let me know.

Happy Hooking



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