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floppy neck
floppy neck  
i recently crocheted a doll that was all one piece from head to toe.  the neck is too long and will not support the head at all.  can i cut the neck in the middle and unravel from both sides to make the neck shorter and then attach the two pieces back together?  or do you have any other suggestions please?

Hello Cindy

Thanks for the question.

Poor thing, well let's see what can be done.

You have a few options. Yes you can cut and unravel, if you go with this option, use a smaller hook to get a tighter stitch and it should give it some support. The problem is, you also need an internal support to hold the head upright. I suggest to take either a paper towel or toilet roll and insert it in the neck area for stability (cover the roll with some fabric to conceal it). Now if this doll is for display, this will work great, if this is going to be a doll to be played with, this is not going to work. If the later case is the used of the doll, the you can make a tube with fabric that you stuff very stiff and use that as a support.

If you unravel, use double thread to give you some support, and go smaller in the needle to create a much stronger support.

Hopefully this will help.

Happy hooking



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