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Crochet/Trouble understanding row instructions in pattern


I am on  round two in the foot of a slipper boot . It reads : row 2: work one single crotchet in each of the first 14 sc, 7 dc around ch and 1 sc in last 14 sc, = 35 sts

Row 1 has 28 st ---row 2 I completed the sc in the first 14 sc now I have 14 sts left what does 7 dc around chain and 1 sc in last 14 sc mean? I see where the math adds up to 35 but I don't know where the 7 doc go?  

Please advise me.

Thank you kim

Hello Kim:

Thanks for the question.

Not knowing the pattern, I will try to make a educated guess. On row 1, is there a chain?? between the 14sc?, it the row just all 28 sc? Is row one sc and chains?

From the instructions on row two, it seems there is a chain on that row, from reading it, it seems that its between the 14sc. This is the start of the shaping and increases. I suggest to take a look at row one and I believe you will see that either a stitch was missed, or in the general instructions, that may also shed some clues on this.

If this did not help, reply back and provided row 1 instructions or even the pattern and I will be more than happy to help you. Please make sure to make the reply private if you are adding pattern information.

Happy Hooking



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