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I've only been crocheting for a little over a year so I'm still learning, but I'm stuck on some pattern instructions. It reads "1st Row: Pat across 7 sts.  Hdc2tog over next 2 sts. Turn. Leave remaining sts unworked.
2nd Row: Chain 2 (does not count as stitch) Hd2tog. Pat to end of row. Turn.
3rd Row: Pat to last 2 sts. Hdc2tog. 6 sts rem. Fasten off"
I might be wrong but I thought "pat across 7 sts" meant continue pattern for 7 sts. Don't understand "hdc2tog over next 2 sts" (in next 2 sts or do it 2 times?) or in 3rd row where it reads "pat to last 2 sts. Hdc2tog. 6 sts rem". If I do hdc2tog  using the last 2 sts how could there be 6 remaining??

Hello Shan:

Thanks for the question.

Yes you will continue the pattern established for 7 stitches

Hdc2tog is a decrease, so it will be in the next 2 stitches.

Hmm. Now you have a good point there. I thinks if you are doing the established patter leaving the last two stitches, following the patter, not the stitches on the row. then do the decrease, I then believe on the row it should  leave the last 6 stitches.

Hope this helped.

Happy hooking



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