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U.S. pattern - how is this worked?  skip next 3 st, tr in next st, DC IN EACH SKIPPED ST WORKING BEHIND TR JUST MADE.  The part in caps is the part I do not understand.  It is not a post stitch, but how do you work behind.  Do you turn your work in the middle of a row?  Thank you for any help.

Hello Karen:

Thanks for the question.

from he information you gave me, you are skipping the 3 stitches, then doing the TR, then you are going back to work the skipped stitches, making sure you are behind the TR. This should push forward the TR (back if you turn the work) (I think this is where its confusing you. since it probably did not state to turn). I am assuming then you will then do some stitches to get you back to where you left off. Stitches like this give texture, to the piece.

Hopefully this helped. Look at the picture of the piece and it should kind of give you a clue. If this did not help. I will need the pattern so I can then help you out.

Happy hooking



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