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Esther wrote at 2013-02-22 16:14:28
I am in the process of reducing the size of the navajo pattern afghan again. (Did it a long time ago but didn't note the number of chains for future reference.  

This pattern for a 60x40 afghan was the smaller of two sizes I found, but after doing the initial chain of 245 decided it was way too big.  The larger size was for 72x52 which would probably be big enough for a double bed by my calculations. :)

The original pattern called for an "I" hook and 245 chains for a 60 x 40 size afghan, or 285 chains for 72x52 size.  

Using a "G" hook I chained 185 and just squeaked by w/ the pattern on the left size (the end of the row).  If you chained 187ish you should be okay to clear the entire pattern with 9 1/2 repeats. The half pattern should be your right side (the beginning of each row)

Using a "G" hook and the 185 chains, mine measures about 56 inches wide so you could still use a smaller hook if you don't want it that big. I can't imagine if I'd chained 245 how big it would have been! Remember, it stretches.  

I initially determined the pattern repeat to be 20 stitches so subtracted 20 from 245 until I got somewhere in the 180s which I have seen for smaller sizes somewhere. I chained 185. (Then I stretched it out to see if it was long enough or too long).  Its basically 3 pattern repeats less than called for; the space between the widest part of the diamond is about 5.5 inches. However, I forgot to allow for atleast 2 chains on each end (You need a stich or two beyond the final pattern on each end.)  So if you chained a minimum of 187 you should be good.  

good luck  


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