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Crochet/winnie the pooh (leisure arts) please help - stimied!


Shelly wrote at 2008-07-05 21:52:46
I made pooh, from that book, a bit of a pain to crochet considering it was my first actual crochet project. The legs are troublesome but once you figure it out quite easy. Basically what they want you to do is attach the legs. The chains go across the legs, the point is to get you to the other side without having to crochet in the stitches from the previous round. So in the end the inside of the leg has a bunch of chains running across it, it also helps keep the stuffing in the leg because if you give it to a kid, all the playing and loving can make the stuffing shift. Behind means the ones you already worked in. The skip next 9 sc means to skip the ones you did on the previous round and then sc in next unworked sc on the leg, then go to the body. I hope this helps.

martyr wrote at 2012-12-22 14:47:22
Thank you so much for your input. I was doing so well until I got to attaching the legs. Very confusing. I will go back and try and tackle it again. The directions for this part are not the best. If so many people are having trouble, that should have been a clue to fix that portion of the directions.

Havanamusiclady wrote at 2016-10-26 20:32:03
I had trouble with Winnie the Pooh legs also.  I attached them once and wasn't happy so I wrote to the company.  New set of instructions but the legs are still pigeon toed and awkward looking.  I decided I wasn't going to redo.  The rest of the instructions were okay except I revised the top of the head because the stitches were too wide apart and the stuffing was leaking out.  Otherwise a cute guy.  Much larger than I expected.


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