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I have a Dimensions Crafts Kit  #71-09143.  I am uncertain if this is a cross stitch or needlepoint project.  The thread provided is cotton floss, but the directions do not specify number of threads to use on  the 14-count canvas included in the kit.  This is a very special project for my first grandchild, and I am uncertain how to proceed.

Hi Donna!

After doing some "Googling", I see that Dimensions Kit #71-09143 is the "Happy Snowman" stocking.  This kit is a needlepoint project, not cross stitch.  It looks like it utilizes floss only, on a mesh canvas -- the enclosed wool yard is solely used for the braided hanging top that you put on at the end.

I'm not really familiar with needlepoint much at all.  I really only do cross stitching.  Keeping that in mind:  Based on my research, it looks like you should use the entire thread (all 6 strands) for 13/14 count mesh canvas.  (This particular project is a 14-count).  I do know that needlepoint is more notorious for a "fuller" coverage than cross stitching, so using the entire thread would make sense (so you don't get any "see-through" bare spots.)

From what I do know, most people think needlepoint is easier than cross-stitching, as you're only stitching from left to right, instead of the full "X" of a cross-stitch.  I know there are multiple ways/methods of needlepointing, but one simple way is to come up on the bottom left of the stitch with your needle/thread, then put your needle through the top right (making a "/" stitch).  Then proceed to the next.  Your directions should at least help you out with the stitching instructions, as far as how to proceed with the stitch part.

Keep in mind that I'm VERY unfamiliar with needlepoint.  But, I wanted to help out as much as I could.

This is a beautiful and fun-looking stocking kit!  I'm sure your grandchild will cherish it for years to come.  If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to ask.  I'll try to help as much as possible!


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