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Hi:   We're looking at a Carnival Thanksgiving cruise that stops in Orlando (Port Canaveral) and does the various Disney excursions that day.  I would assume if we purchased say a Disney Magic Kingdom excursion that the cruise line buys the Disney  tickets in their name and probably doesn't pass them out until the departure day???   the reason I'm asking is that would be a busy time at the Disney parks and if one buys their tickets directly from Disney they can arrange Fast Passes where they can reserve specific times for the more popular rides up to 30 days in advance which wouldn't be possible if the tickets were in Carnivals name.   along that line, if we did that we would need transportation and since Carnival only ties the specific Park pass and transportation together as an excursion I couldn't get transportation through them without paying for a pass too.  Do you know are there car rentals or taxis or shuttles at the place where Carnival will dock that we could get to go to a Disney Park? ( as well as return transportation as don't want to chance getting left!)


I received an answer from the shore excursion dept of Carnival and they confirmed both our opinions. The tickets will be in your name when you get them but you will get them on the ship so you won't be able to get fast passes until you get to the park. The only way around that is to do it yourself. Since you haven't confirmed you are doing the cruise if you decide to book with me we can go over all that in more detail than. Again I would be glad to help with this or anything in the future. You can contact me direct at or 407 37-5763. Again I hope I was able to help...



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