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Hello, I would like to know if you (as a Christian) can tell me if the physical therapy known as the Alexander Technique is founded in an occultic practice.  I have been receiving this type of therapy for many months and it has been helpful in terms of my being able to move better and feel better, but sometimes the dependency frightens me and for some reason I am uneasy about it without being able to determine why.  I appreciate your website and response.  Thank you.

I did a quick examination of the theory and and its history.I will be writing a response to to you shortly.  What I need from you is anything that you feel crosses over the border from physical to esoteric.  I did not discover anything from reading the therapy's site's history so your experiences will help me provide a better answer.  It is possible what you are experiencing may be a therapists rendition of the therapy, so anything you can share with me will help.


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