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QUESTION: Feelings on the outside of ISKCON. perhaps not an important point for some..unimaginable for others? I think perhaps that's true. when one does not fulfill his promise to his spiritual master/hence to Krishna at the time of initiation one will naturally feel he is not close. there is a certain comradory/ devotion/family-hood if you will, involved in the chanting of 16 rounds. without it one can only observe as perhaps,  for lack of a better word...outsider. less intimate with Krishna. All by ones choice. To expose truths will not cause this effect as long as it is done without malice. If it has been done as such, then the effects will also be as "outsider" at the least.

ANSWER: hello Pat, thank you for your letter.
Are you feeling alone and outside this Thanksgiving day?
It is sad to feel separated from Krishna, especially.
How long were you in for?
I was in Los Angeles - New Dwaraka - 1978-1988, then a fringie from 1990-1998.
Please write back if you want to discuss further,

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: no, I'm not nori but nice try. I don't really celebrate thanksgiving since the death of so much live stock is taken in the process. my post was meant to give information because it's an important point. I'm a nurse and have always tried to work on holidays so those who are sick or alone have company. unfortunately this holiday I wasn't scheduled.having lost my dear daughter 5 years ago has made me feel abit lonely since she was my dearest godsister. happy chanting if u are. if not, be well. Pat Pavitra

Oh, Pavitra. Yes, I remember you and your daughter from L.A. It is difficult to go through the holidays missing loved ones. My stepfather, who was married to my mother for forty-three years, died peacefully in hospice this summer. It was sad to lose him, especially so quickly because nobody even knew he was ailing. Also, I agree with you about vegetarianism. It is better for the earth and for the earth's overall karma. Have a blessed Thanksgiving even if not participating in the mainstream traditions. - Nori


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