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QUESTION: Hi, I'm a high school student in need of answers for a survey. If you could give me what you personally believe that would be greatly appreciated. 1. Who is God? 2. How did the world begin? 3. What is your purpose on earth? 4. What will happen to you after you die?

ANSWER: Dear KaYlie,

Thank you for your interest in my response to your inquiry. Be aware that AllExperts Policy is to Not reply or answer Scholastic based questions, as it is the belief here that the Student should be doing their own research.

However it appears you are creating Survey Data, and in that case this should not be a problem.

Of course the replies you will receive from me ( and others ) on at least 3 of these questions me will not be empirical or quantifiable data, but instead be a cross section of individual "Belief Methodologies" or the "Idealized Conceptualizations" about the subjects within each question, so having understood that here are my replies.

Because of the depth of consideration about a couple of these subjects I will deal with the first one first, and if you need input regarding the others ( and assuming you wish to continue this inquiry with me ) please contact me again and we can go on to the others.

1.   Who Is God?

People in general think very little about God, and generally have little interest in a real consideration on the nature of The Divine, however before one can approach such questions, it is important first to understand the assumptions “about” God that such questions are based in.

The easiest answers to any such inquiry is something like, "…God is Love...", or "…God is Jesus, Allah, or Buddha…" or, “…God is Spirit…”, or  “…God is in us all...”, or “…God is everything…”, . . .and of course all may be True.

But such responses are usually communicated by individuals who have No existing and moment to moment living connection to The Divine Person, and so the communication of such statements have all the flavor of soap.

And any response to such inquiries is utterly dependent upon the cultural, dogmatic, and personal estimations of the individual answering.

Firstly, I do not truly KNOW what or who God “Is”.  “What is God”?, or "…Who do I think God is…", implies a certain series of assumptions within the question itself, so let me begin there.

The largest assumption is within the wording of such a question, meaning that God is a “Who”, or that The Divine Person is an independent singular and distinct form or an entity, or a "thing" that is outside of our current experience or awareness.

That God is a “something” that one must make observations about, such as the study of a tree, or who is, or what “is” Donald Duck.

To ask such a question implies a distinction about The Divine that may be untrue even from the beginning, a presupposition that has not been properly inspected, or understood.

In other words, to ask who is, or what is God, does God talk to anyone implies that one is not in connection to God already, otherwise such a question would not be necessary.

This is similar to asking what is or who is “My Hand”.  It is only silly because it is assumed that each of us already has a connection, and a relationship with their hand.

And so from a certain perspective, “…who is, or what is God…”, is just as nonsensical, because God may be just as “obvious” if The Divine was perceived as a real, living, radiant, and all pervading presence.

Indeed the more appropriate question is not “what is, or who is God”, instead what the question should be what is the process or action that apparently individuated conscious beings perform that creates the felt sense of separation from The Divine.

A process of separation to the extent that God appears to be absent, or not even exist at all.

A process of separation wherein there exists a “God” who talks to an “us” or a “me”, when the experience of a “God” as a separate being from a “me” may not be the Truth, but only a perception based within a very limited position or view.

Spinoza said once that logically if God is to be God, God "must" be infinite, for only God can be infinite, yet God must manifest the condition of infinity in "all" of his, her, or it's characteristics.

This meant that “all” characteristics, any characteristics one can think of, must be part of God, or otherwise whatever is being conceived of is only some subset of God, and not God, because “God” must be definition be infinite.

For example God must be infinite in all characteristics, means that God is infinitely good, and infinitely kind, infinitely sexy, infinitely evil, and infinitely ignorant, etc.

Yet this question was not about defining God, per se, but more a Einsteinian like thought experiment designed to awaken the reader to the idea that “we” do not know, we do not really “know” what, or who God "is".

I hope this was useful?

Sincerely, Blanchjoe

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you for your answer. I believe what your saying in a nut shell is that there is a Divine Person but we cannot necessarily know who or what the Divine is? Answers to the other questions would also be appreciated.

ANSWER: Dear Kaylie,

Your "nutshell" summation is mostly correct.

Perhaps a more accurate abridgment would be that, it is my "Experience" ( self verifiable perception ) that there is an All-Pervading-Perceivable-Process that appears to permeate and support all processes and things, including ourselves.

If one wishes to label this as "God" then that is a perfectly acceptable nomenclature for what is primarily a Mystery ( smile ), however "God" implies aspects about that Mystery ( or process ) that may not be necessary true, and are more representative about our Assumptions, and our own un-inspected natures, than about the Truth ( smile ).

2. How Did The World Begin?

By "...How Did the World Begin..." I am assuming you mean the nature of phenomenological experience itself ( as opposed to the planet itself ), as these are different answers? Often the term “World” is a short-hand for The Cosmos and the relationship of Nature of Awareness, …so I will assume the later and not the former, but let me know if I am incorrect as the question is vague ( smile ).

First is the Scientific-Materialist view of the Cosmos emerging as a infinite point of Heat-Light-Energy and evolving into all apparent forms, including ourselves.

Second is the concept or idea that a Diving Being ( separate and away ) created The Cosmos ( much like a giant Super Being creates a Clock and winds it up ) and then much like Santa watches from afar who has been naught or nice.

Both of these ideologies are dependant upon “Belief” and I exclude them as both being correct, and both being wrong ( smile ), because I reject becoming involved in Dogmas of any kind as they are inherently not grounded in Self-Verification or Truth.

The nature of “The World” is dependant first and foremost upon the primary assumption of individuated existence of “things”, meaning that there exists a “you” and things that are not you which are involved in the process of moving from one act to another act, or change.

My esteemed Spiritual Master used to call this process of energy moving from one apparent singular or individuated object into another apparent individuated or singular thing or object, or “change”, as Klik-Klak.

He based this upon how infinite variations of things, like a kaleidoscope which is composed only of one thing, but via the process of perception, appears as an infinite variations of patterns, constantly altering, and yet always the same in its fundamental essence.

All things, be they actual or penitential that exist within space / time are bound by the law of entropy.

Entropy is the “apparent” movement of mass / energy from one entity / process to another entity / process and altering all forms as it apparently moves.

Indeed the only directly perceivable “thing” that exists that is not bound to “change” is Consciousness itself.

Phenomenologically ( if you properly inspect your own perception of Existence ) one can determine that all aspects of their Nature, both Gross ( bodily – exteriorly ) or Subtle ( Energetically – interiorly ), have changed, and will change with time, including that aspect we call “ourselves” which is the Personality-Egoic-Individuated being.

Only Consciousness ( or Awareness itself ) has not be altered by space / time, change, by the Klik-Klak.

Each of us is as aware now as we were the moment we were born.

Awareness has not altered with time, nor has it gone anywhere in space.

The only actual reality is that you are “Being-Here-Now”, to use an already existent phrase.

This is not a statement, but a description of our actual experience in this moment, if properly inspected.

In essence, what we call “change” is dependant upon what we call “us” or ourselves.

From the view of individuated entities existing separate from other individuated entities, what we call change appears, yet if this basic assumption of individuation should be
re-cognized, or found to be an illusion, then perhaps change as well would be seen to evaporate as well?

Let me know if you are interested in continuting ( smile ).

I hope that this was helpful,


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Thank you. I agree that all beliefs of the origin of the world, life, and space have to be taken by faith since no human was there to observe it and it cannot be repeated and is therefore scientifically impossible to be proven. I am interested in your other answers as well.

Dear Kaylie,

Your summation that, " human was there to observe it ( How The World Began ) and it cannot be repeated and is therefore scientifically impossible to be proven...", is correct in as far as it goes.

The term Scientifically Proven is at its core misnomer, meaning that at one level no matter what you do, it is impossible for "You" to prove to "Me" that you Exist. I can make all sorts of inferences and assumptions about who I believe you are, but in the end the only Entity I know for a Self-Verifiable-Fact that exists is "Me".

As are result I infer that you exist based upon my own perception of Self, in other words I accept upon Faith that you are as Real and Existent as I am, so while it is not Scientific Provable to show How The World Began, there are many things we take for granted as being Real that are not Scientific Provable either ( smile ), so I someone tells me that The Cosmos emerged out of nothing and became what it is, or that The Cosmos was created by an unknown-un-seen Super Being, I must decide for myself ( with no real experiential information to go on ) which I want to believe to be true ( or neither ) ( smile ).

3. What Is My Purpose On Earth ( as Opposed to my Purpose on The Moon, or Mars ) ( smile ).

Man, Rocks, Trees, Rivers, Sky, the Sky and the Stars do not have a "Purpose", much like there is no purpose behind Dancing, or what is the fundamental purpose of Joy?
The word term Purpose implies that "I", or Man ( or anything for that matter ) implies a Reason, Meaning, Goal, or an Intention.

These meanings imply by inference an Entity that had ( or created ) those Reason, Meaning, Goal, or an Intention, and this maybe an assumption that is not based in Real Truth.

This question is in its own way very similar to asking What Is The Meaning Of Life? Asking “….What Is My Purpose is a lot like asking “…What Is More North Of The North Pole….”?

The word  terms appear to have meaning, but the question is non-sense as there is nothing more North than the North Pole.

My belief is that there are no “Reasons” for my Life, or the existence of the entire Cosmos, for in the end Trees, Birds or the Stars do not ask such questions, only the confusion of the Human Heart asks such questions ( smile ).

4. What Will Happen After You Die?

I have No Idea ( smile ). Logical inference dictates that because of the nature of Awareness itself ( which is inherently un-touched ) or unalterable by Time-Space and which is the fundamental screen that the play of all events is projected, ….logical inference can make the claim that Death is merely another experience that plays out within and upon Awareness, and that Awareness is just as un-effected by this experience, as it was by all other prior, …..but that is as far as one can go, anything past that becomes Belief or Dogma.

I hope this was helpful.

Sincerely, Blanchjoe


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