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Mr. Sutliff;
I just replied to your answer to Laurie regarding cranial-sacral therapy.  My question is "Why do you think anyone suggesting cranial-sacral therapy (cst) or its' practitioners are charlatans?  I am a Southern Baptist an Army veteran a TBI traumatic brain injury survivor, a former CNA and an LMT.  I am in the process of developing a study to use cst to stop seizures resulting from some type of head injury.

CST principles are not rooted in medicine but religion. This is evident in the research I have posted in answer to questions about CST. Because CST is not based on actual biological and physiological models of human anatomy it takes from religious teachings that are referred to as occultic. The Yorba religion and the teachings on Kundalini are the entire basis of CST. It has nothing whatsoever to do with human anatomy this is why it may have a placebo effect and  absolutely nothing real.

Those who entertain using placebos on persons who pay for actual services that they believe will help them medically are by definition charlatans.

It is never good when you do research to take a person's words as facts, especially when they make money off their claims. For example there is a claim made that CST was discovered while working on soldiers. I did extensive research to see if there was any documentation on this anyplace. THERE IS NONE! I talked to medical officials and used medical libraries to see if any of the CST claims have any validity. All of the "studies" on CST that make claims of healing were performed by the very organization or one of its subsidiaries who make money off CST. This in itself should be a warning to any responsible medical professional.

I was a Nurse's Aide trainer before certification came around. I see actual benefits exist from receiving massages especially from those who have been trained and certified because they understand the anatomy and physiology on the person seeking assistance.

Those who would sell this as a service while calling themselves believers are denying their faith. How? They do so by accepting Kundalini as a truthful teaching. This denies a faith in Jesus as their savior. Either you accept that demonic possession is a bad thing and stand with Christ, or you can stand with CST.


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