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Good Evening Paul,

My new boss states that his God is not YHVH...He states that his God is the "Great I am" and that YHVH (Jehovah) is NOT the great I AM.  He believes he and Jesus have the same God. But he doesn't believe Jesus was crucified.  He believes he was married and lived to be some 120 years old. He believes Jesus was married to Mary Madeline.  He believes the Apostle Paul is a fraud.  He states that alla is not his god.  He states that he belongs to a secret group something like the Ecenes. He states that his god the great I Am does not get involved in the affairs of men.  He believes when we die we are turned to pure energy.  No resurrection.

Are you familiar with a secret society with this philosophy?

It is always interesting to hear of something "new." This is like a variant of Masonic teaching. It is likely whoever created the "secret society" had some relation with Freemasonry. His beliefs about Jesus come from Gnosticism. A heretical series of doctrines about secret knowledge getting you more in heaven. Some of their beliefs included Jesus not dying, and his marrying Mary Magdeline.

Gnostics are unable to accept Paul for various reasons amongst them are his rebuking of Peter and his discussions on grace. Secret doctrines or knowledge is forbidden in various places throughout his writings as well as several other places in scripture.

The concept of energy however has not been one of Gnostics. This is another reason why I connect the likelihood that the person who created this belief structure as having been a Freemason. They teach a blended concept of god.

This bizarre mix of beliefs has been found in persons with an interactions with other worlds end time belief.

I am not familiar with that particular group. However, I intend to do a bit more research on this and get back to you.

Evangelism of a person with such beliefs is often dependent on how they see you. I recommend to continue being the still strong voice of a Christian. I think it would be interesting to mention some unique aspects of the bible. I would only use the KJV when quoting scripture to him. This eliminates his prepared argument about newer translations saying different things.

From a Hebrew language point YHWH is translated "Lord." Stick with the Hebrew on this. His belief about YHWH has cultural and historical problems. To the Jew, YHWH is the only one worthy of worship. This makes YHWH, Elohim (God).

I think I would share the Shema alone with him. In Hebrew it says: Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohenu Adonia echad - Hear O Israel, the lord our God, the Lord is one. The word echad is specifically used to mean united one. I would share this and let him chew on it for a while.

God Bless!
Paul Sutliff  


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