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A.M.S wrote at 2009-05-25 02:16:29
I am a Christian and have had a number of my own illnesses successfully treated with the use of acupuncture and herbs.  In 2001, I was able to get off of medication for hypothyroidism with the help of Chinese Medicine. My thyroid levels are perfectly normal still.  I also was able to get off of antidepressants, anxiety medication, treated chronic candida, a urinary tract infection, bronchitis, insomnia and other problems. None of these problems have ever returned.  Just wanted to let you know that I have seen a number of acupuncturists through the years and have not experienced any bad spiritual experiences as a result of Chinese Medicine.  I actually have considered it a blessing to be healed using the herbs that God put on this Earth instead of being treated with potentially addictive and dangerous drugs. Chinese Medicine has no side effects and you can finish treatment and remain medication-free.

asia michael wrote at 2012-10-10 03:47:13
answer to paul sutlit, one sided answer to western medicine. The truth is herbs are biblical written in rev.Acupuncture based on yin /yang teaching, though it is eastern - the belief is that nerve system is like a electrical wire and science had proven it. what the acupuncturist did was to stimulate this acu point to stimulate the nerve and cause blood flood. I had bell palsy recently and had recover the movement of the affect face. Check the acupuncturist who did not use his skills with his prayer to his altar. there are many Christian chinese acupuncturist and many NT Christians did not know how to handle such. Yoga and Qigong - a meditation are dangerous becos it call for the spirit world to help your well being. Western medicine - many are poison especially those for diabetic, high blood, and especially high cholestra ldl.

lmtkelly wrote at 2016-01-04 22:05:15
Greetings and Happy New Year in Christ Laurie;

With regards to Mr. Paul Sutliffs' answerlet me say not all cranial-sacral therapists are charletons nor or osteopaths.  I am a Southern Baptist conservative Republican as well as an Arm veteran that has survived a traunmatic brain injury (TBI).  While in a coma at Brackenridge Trauma Center, Austin, TX in Sept-Oct 1997, My family was told that if I awoke from the coma I'd most likely be cognitively impaired for life and it was suggested I be placed in an LTC Long term care facility to live out my days as a vegetable.  Well, my Lord and Savior Jesus had different plans for me; through his grace I awoke from the coma with the ability to think and to somewhat communicate.  Due to a tracheotomy I was unable to speak but I could write even though my fine motor skills were iffy.  While in the military, stationed in Germany, I had the opportunity to get and experience massage therapy.  During rehabilitation a year after my injury I chose massage therapy as my vocation.  After completing massage school and getting licensed in TN; the director of the rehabilitation facility encouraged/dared me to get training in cranial-sacral therapy to better assist those with tbi and sci (spinal cord injury.  I did and am now in the beginnings of developing a study to eliminate seizures from the spectrum of TBI survivors.  I have three friends that are currently experiencing extreme seizures that are effecting their quality of life.  They are taking their prescribed anti-seizure drugs but aren't being helped.  There are twelve cranial nerves that I believe with proper study can be found to increase blood and nutrient flow to the compressed cranial nerves when released with therapy to stop seizures.  I'm not a charlatan but am a cranial-sacral therapist, a licensed massage therapist and was until recently a CNA.


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