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Joe Kerwin wrote at 2006-08-16 03:06:00
Dear Jeanmarie;  I am also a born-again Christian; I am a dentist that uses CST with my TMJD pain patients. Like you there were many new-agers in my courses, but the original Osteopaths were primarily Christian or Diests. I have studied this for 10 years and from several different schools. Basically it is amoral like TV. Depending who is doing it you can be blessed, or cursed. Look for other Christians to study and practice with is my recommendation.

Mary Jane wrote at 2012-05-07 13:32:36
Christ is my savior and I have been licensed to to massage therapy since

1993. I studied cranial work and have found it a powerful modality to assist

folks out of head pain and headaches and back pain.

I studied massage with other massage students in Hawai'i with DO Dr. Solihin Thom, who studied with Upledger and developed a style that follows what the cranial bones want to do to realign themselves rather than manipulating them.

Were I to let what other folks think or do affect me when I study a subject, I doubt I'd study at all!  

It is an established fact that cranial bones, like all other bones in the body, can get out of place. When they're out of place, they create symptoms. Putting them in place gets rid of the symptoms. Cranial work is of a slightly different order than, say, putting the shoulder bones back in place, as the many tiny and larger cranial bones breathe in synch with one another to pump spinal fluid through

the brain and spinal cord—so it's all a little subtle, and perhaps that gives it a

different flavor.

I just worked many hours with a woman who fell down stairs in the night and

landed hard enough on her skull to need stitches and was diagnosed with a

concussion. Her cranial bones were definitely shifted from their normal positions from the force of the fall. You can Google "Cranial work for concussion" to verify the effectiveness of this modality.

My job on the planet is to keep myself in full alignment with the will of God,

and Christ is my savior. What other folks in my class or life think and do is their

business and does not affect my healing work.

Bleepbeep wrote at 2014-01-05 05:48:41

I had learned CST1. I noticed many odd things in training.  I wasn't christian at the time so I didn't notice the warnings.

1)The teacher encouraged us to use our mind as in visualize the 5gms of applied force to the hand positions to create the release.

2)the initial horizontal fascia opening techniques are on chakras areas.

3) They talked about energy.  How it sends through to people and how it can be sent to us and what it feels like when it is neutral.  There is a technique

Much like healing touch called direction of energy.  They said it was like a conductor unit.  One hand positive, one hand negative that is supposed to heal the injured area.

4) Were were instructed to "ground" ourselves. By make a statement " i am in my body, you are in your body." And also to pray to what

Our belief systems were

5) I had my first emotional cyst release during the sacrum release technique.  I felt overwhelmed cried and didn't know why.

6) I believe that demons can make people empathic or pick up visuals and it can spread to others. I saw visuals and felt emotions that were not mine when I used it on clients. I could've gotten that by not being Christian and neither were the client.

7)one time when I received CST i believe I astral projected.  It was peaceful and I had a visual of what you see when you fly over clouds in a plane. But that doesn't mean that it is good.  What appears to be good can be deceptive when your spirit is concerned.

Since I became Christian I stopped using it in my practice unless a chiropractor tells me to use it-which hasn't happened.  

Hope this helps. I am not sure what God thinks of CST.  I wonder how they came up with the hand placements & the whole routine.  Is it an old form of mystic medicine?  Were those physicians involved in alchemy, mysticism, rosicrucianism, free masonry?  I couldn't find anything.  


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