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Cults/Cranial Sacrial Therapy - Seeking Godly Wisdom


Kathryn Robyn wrote at 2007-03-01 17:42:47
As a student of worldwide interpretations (commonalities and divergences) of spirituality and religion, let me remind you that the form of Western Medicine as practiced in the United States (which is exclusively allopathic and surgical) is also not Biblically-based, as it did not exist at the time the books of the Bible were written.  However, herbal and homeopathic therapies did exist in ancient times and are in the Bible, nevertheless many of our modern MDs consider these quackery as well.

Second, Cranial-Sacral work is much like laying on of hands, which is in the Bible as well; there is just more scientific knowledge of the bones, the blood and fluids of the body, and the neural system in today's practitioners. The other history that you describe is true and historical, but I don't see your connection to evil here.

Which brings us to my third point: The idea that the demonic is restricted to alternative medicine or even more likely to be found there than in mainstream, money-based methods is absurd. They are more like science-based prayer than anything, and certainly God is happy for us to apply our intelligence to our faith, and not just our ignorance.  

Melissa Sterling wrote at 2007-03-21 18:44:24
I find it disgusting that someone trying to help by way of NON-DRUG induced method is almost always attacked by the medical establishment (and it seems always satan or some negative cult like following entails as well)

Just because alternative medicines and therapy are not credited by a medical association or some governmental institution (which is ALWAYS going to be on the side of giving and taking drugs. that is of course how they make their money) does not make it evil or make it not work.  It does work.  

And to sign your letter with God Bless YOU?  

Well God HELP you for being so closed minded and arrogant that you can't see worth in anything beyond a pill.

I pity you.  You have no idea how ridiculous you sound quoting all the things you quote in your letter.

Your letter is nothing but terrorism at its worst. written primarily to make people doubt and fear anything alternative.  This just  to keep the medical field full of sick people who need more drugs that do not help, only make them sicker and need more drugs to help them to get out of the sickness you have all created.  It's a cover up.  All drugs do is cover everything up.  No different than the drugs on the streets. Trying alternative will not harm you.Listen to the ridiculous side effects at the end of those drugs ads. does anyone ever hear them?  What is wrong with all of you? If people were educated instead of given threats in the form TV advertizing daily.they would never go near a doctor again.  They would eat raw and whole foods and nourish their bodies and minds with information that strengthen not harm; and when needed they would seek out homeopathic solutions for all lifes woes.  

The body is linked to the mind.

If you believe it, you can be well.

Hayden wrote at 2007-09-28 06:59:46
I myself am a Christian going to massage therapy school to become a CMT.  I believe that we need to be cautious not to become involved in the occult but at the same time we don't need to be fearful and reject things to let the New Agers have them.  

I beleive that we as Christians are letting New Agers take hold of principles that God himself has set into motion which people are using as healing methods for the good of all mankind.  God lets the rain fall on the just and the unjust, right?  Scientific technologies benefit not only just the regenerate but also the unregenerate.  Hindus and Buddhists amongst other religions have found spiritual principles that are as real as gravity but they of course are tainted because they do not honor Jesus/Yahweh and glorify the created rather than the Creator.

So I'm going to leave this brief and to the point. I think we really need discernment and to be led by the Spirit on a case by case basis on what is too far out there and corrupted and what has spiritual laws. I do feel that Reiki is just plainly occult and that Craniosacral Therapy could be used by Christians without using spirit guides/demons.  One could rely on the Holy Spirit to guide someone through the client's emotional release.  So, this is brief enough.  Be led by the Spirit and if you have a gift of healing use it but don't become focused on self.  Keep your focus on Jesus, resist temptation, and the devil will flee.  And we as Christians can reclaim the healing arts and glorify God.

Lenora wrote at 2011-03-13 21:30:04
I am a physiotherapist who is also a Christian and has worked in vocational ministry.  I am passionate about the truth, as I also have a degree in apologetics from a Seminary here in Canada.  I am now taking courses to learn cranio-sacral therapy and find that there is a lot of scientific data to back this method of treatment.  It is not merely a placebo.  As a practitioner I do not have to make things up in my mind, I can even be a skeptic yet it is unmistakable once you feel that rhythm.

Are there similarities to ancient Yoga?  Probably.  However, we know that Satan takes things that are true and distorts them into things that destroy.  This cranio-sacral rhythm existed in each person long before Yoga was developed.

Cranio-sacral is a beautiful thing because unlike many other "western" drug-based treatments this therapy respects the body.  We are indeed fearfully and wonderfully made and based on this truth and the understanding of a mighty and complex God it is not unreasonable to think that our body has such minute movements that affect change in our body.

I love God and pray that I can be used to promote His healing power in the clients I treat.


michelle wrote at 2012-07-14 11:08:23
thank you so much for this insight into craniosacral therapy - its been mentioned to me several times as a possible treatment for my 8 yr old son who has sensory processing disorder.  this therapy seemed to offer a remedy for a lot of his symptoms. it seems innocent and harmless to the creche my sons attend.Also this therapy is advertised in 'sensational kids' oocupational  therapy center in kildare.(They provide an excellent service apart from this craniosacral therapy.)

This connection to hindu/occult has confirmed to me to stay away from it-  I will depend on the Lord to help him in other ways!!

Thank you for alerting me to the danger of this therapy

God Bless michelle - wexford

Theresa wrote at 2013-05-27 23:06:45
Actually, I would love to share a few things relative to this conversation.

I am a born again believer in Yeshua Messiah (Jesus Christ) and bible believing Christian. I have also been practicing Cranial Sacral Therapy for 18 years professionally, have advanced training in this modality from a variety of approaches and have a degree in pre-med prior to that and 6 years of work experience in the allopathic medical field.

I can tell you unequivocably that cranial sacral therapy is indeed a very useful and effective therapy for people both to address specific fascia (connective tissue related) trauma lesions, as they are called in osteopathic manipulative medicine, and for promoting overall wellness by massively decreasing stress, improving immune function, etc.

Cranial sacral therapy was first created from Osteopathic medicine, which was founded by Andrew Taylor Still in the mid-late 19th century. Later, William Sutherland, D.O. and other main students of Dr. Still went on to further define and set practice parameters for what became known as "cranial osteopathy," which is still practiced today by certain D.O.'s who take that up as a post grad specialty of practice.

"Craniosacral therapy" was a term coined by John Upledger, D.O., who sought to bring the cranial osteopathic dynamics and treatment models to the lay professional, ie, massage therapists, physical therapists, occuaptional therapists, etc.

Since then there have been several schools of cranial sacral adaptation, including cranial biodynamics, somato emotional release (again, through upledger) which focuses on cathartic trauma resolution therapy (controversial and in some circles falling out of fashion), etc.

Is there an occult new age stream through much of the world of cranial sacral therapy? You bet. Buddist thought favors heavily, especially in the biodynamic realm, and all manner of new age theologies and fashions are thoroughly entrenched in the field. However, this does NOT mean that "cranial sacral therapy" is occult.

Cranial sacral therapy is ultimately the release of tension patterns in the fascia (whole organ term for "connective tissue") that compromise all manner of healthy tissue and fluid function. There is absolutely nothing occult about that.

Further, did you know the base molecule of fascia, called "laminin", is shaped like a cross? "And he is before all things, and by him all things are held together." Colossians 1:17. This discovery was heralded with much excitement and praise by many Christians and Messianic believers world wide.

In addition, I would like to point out that "quackwatch" is a big pharma/big med disinfo site, as many are aware. A good indicator as to which therapies are actually beneficial is to see which one's they slam. They seek to take out effective natural therapies which are competition.

Cranial Sacral Therapy is a tool, a natural and effective, and very health promoting therapy that does wonders for many people, even new born babies. It is unfortunate that superstition, ignorance and knee jerk religiosity create an aversion to it, AS WELL, that "new agers" buddists, and others coming from a likely, unknownst to them, occult background, have taken the bulk of Cranial sacral training and practice into their world, but it doesn't have to be that way.

In fact, I am currently working to create an educational model for Christians and Messianic believers to offer Cranial Sacral Therapy to clients as well as teach it to practitioners from a biblical perspective. Don't throw the baby out with the bath water folks. Just like many things in life, cranial sacral therapy is a tool, how its used depends on who is using it.

Blessings in Yeshua! Theresa M.  

Pam wrote at 2014-09-18 13:09:25
I am not sure about sin sickness. Relief from physical pain and suffering was provided to human's in all shapes and forms long before science and pharmaceutical companies controlled medical intervention strategies. Religion should not be used to flail ate people and endorse them with sin sickness because they look outside of science for alternative answers which existed prior to scientific age but from philosophical eras where humans - male humans debated how the mind worked and did not at that time understand the physical mechanics of the body or stressors and strains that every era would produce in the human psyche from hard work or overuse or strain of a body part. If alternative medicine brings honest and sincere relief for a person then the techniques used must have some type of non religious credentials and be good for a healthy and pain free spirit. Happy people with happy hearts do not need to be full of judgment as this divides the world and is the opposite of living in peace and harmony with thy brother and sister harmony with loving the neighbor and in loving one and other without judging or harming. We are all forgiven already for our sins I understand therefore thoughts on sin are a man made projection to suit something in one's own mind which goes against their own belief of sin I do not wish to see any human suffer and in pain as a result of believing finding a safe and sound solution outside of the realm of understanding of the bible.

ayla5253 wrote at 2015-01-29 15:03:23

I am a PT for a world renowned institution. I have taken the Craniosacral courses. NO WHERE in the course was coiling and uncoiling ever mentioned as terms. That is BS.  What is being referred to is the Craniosacral rhythm which occurs 8-12 Hz or cycles per second. That rhythm is MEASURABLE and has been measured , live, yes live, in a lab. You can feel that rhythm if you know how. It has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with Satan or devils, and to pronounce it as such is to demonize that which GOD HIM/HERSELF (yes, god is BOTH) has created. That rhythm has echo points in the body and can be palpated in the ribs expansion and contraction with the breath, the knees, the pelvis , the ankles. It is also palpable in the cranial bones. Yes, the Western medical schools teach, unfortunately, that the skull bones are immoveable. The cranial bones are hinges and MOVE. How? With the pressure exerted by the ebb and flow of cerebrospinal fluid , which  is secreted every 8-12 seconds in spurts, by the linings of the ventricles of the brain.  

  Jesus traveled the Silk Road in the years of ages 13-30; He left the region because wealthy people wanted him to become betrothed to their daughters. He went to study at Nala Univerity in the Punjab region. His name is inscribed there as Issa which means Messiah in the local language. The University was a renowned center of learning for tha time. The Hebrews originally came from that region (Heber), and many had dispersed there after the Babylonian diaspora. After the crucifixion (no he didn't die, he was helped to escape thru a back door in the vault) he returned to the region. He was buried there,too, in India. The Church keeps this part of history "hidden" from the masses.  Jesus went to that region because he wanted to go to a renowned center of learning.  

    Healing with the laying on of hands was something that all humans could once do. The knowledge was being lost, but was preserved in various places as esoteric knowledge. Jesus learned from the "Buddhists" about healing, as it was something that was contained in the ancient writings. The Mustard Seed parable was in those Pali writings long before Jesus "came up with it". He borrowed it.  And there he learned to heal at a distance and with the laying on of hands. Yes, others could do that. It just wasn't known about in the MIddle East, so it looked like a miracle.

    Today, we still  have Reiki, which is part of the ancient teachings- the ability being rediscovered by a Japanese monk roughly 2 centuries ago. Reiki is not "new". It was done by the very ancients, probably under other names,  and involves the transferring the low voltage energy from one person to another. The inner physician which was blindly spoken of is merely your Higher Self. We are holographs.  The Higher Self energy/consciousness is much lighter than the dense physical body, and has higher Voltage. When the energy chakras ( like transducers and transformers that can be Photographed with Kirlian photography) are opened, anyone can transmit that lighter HIgher Self /"Source" energy to another person. All healing is done by the patients own body. As therapists we can make the path easier, but the actual healing is done by your  body's own processes.  

    I also study Huna. Yes, we can thank the Christian Missionaries for attempting to destroy yet another culture and all the knowledge it contained, like so many cultures. Fortunately, long before the Missionaries arrived in Hawaii, the ancients had protected some of the knowledge by encoding the meanings in Hawaiian words that have multiple connotations, to protect the knowledge from the invading Polynesians who ascribed to the Masculine Principle, as opposed to the Masculine&Feminine Principles, which prevailed 10s of thousands of years ago when the Pyramids were built. Yes, they protected the knowledge with linguistics.   The Hawaiians knew about the 3 levels of Mind long before Freud, and worked with them.  Each level of Mind has its own voltage and method of communication. The Kahunas of Hawaii  walk on hot lava without getting burned, could heal fractured bones instantly, and more. Wouldn't you like to be able to instantly heal this way?     I would.  Thanks, Christian Missionaries, for being severely misguided, and more superstitious than the Hawaiians they tried to oppress and control.  You can read up on Jesus' secret teachings in Max Freedom Long's books (What Jesus Taught in Secret, Huna Code in Religions) , as he encoded deeper meanings in his discussions, in words like breath, seed, and water. Many of Paul's writing were Paul's own interpretations and were quite misguided, because he was not one of the original 12 , and didn't understand the encoded messages. But the Church doesn't want you to find out about that folks , or gone will be there monetary coffers and power.

 BTW, the Hawaiians tongue is related to the Coptic Egyptians. The Missionaries were amazed that the Hawaiians  knew all the biblical types of history /stories, from Adam and Eve right down thru the Flood,  and Moses (in their own language and versions of course) but didn't know about Jesus- bc they left the Middle East before that. IN linguistic and genetics, you have all kinds of clues.  

Laurie wrote at 2017-03-18 16:07:09
I thought you might want to check out the scientific studies on craniosacral therapy. I do believe that there is definitely an occult connection depending on the practitioner. I have met many born again believers in Jesus Christ that use craniosacral therapy without spiritual connotation.


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