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theeyeoftruth wrote at 2010-08-19 13:44:49
I disagree with Paul regarding the use of massage in a professional field all together, the roots of Massage trace back all the way to the Egyptians and the Babylonian times.. If you know about chrstianity you will understand why things from these times were not good influeces on people.

What is definied as medically proven is based upon several opinions from doctors who do not necessarily have any religious background of any kind.

Massage has been scientifically not Medically proven to be just as effective as a warm bath, so No don't waste your money on another new Age Cult which is becoming ever so popular for all the wrong reasons.

If you have back problems see a specialist, all your doing is giving yourself temporary relief with the wrong practise.

Nicci wrote at 2013-07-11 15:22:54
I love Jesus, I follow him AND I am a massage therapist. There are some gray areas with "energy work". Touch is healing on many levels. The muscle benefits were discussed. There are also emotional benefits; because, feeling nurtured when you are in pain helps on a different level than a pill. We are all deteriorating as is a part of this life cycle under the curse of sin. All forms of medical are "maintenance" and "temporary" as we all are destined to die.  In my massage room, I have been able to pray with many of my clients and help them seek the Lord.  Of course other's intentions in this modality are incorrect JUST like in the medical world. Stick to a massage practitioner who has a cautious view of energy work and better yet a Christian. You have the holy spirit, you are covered. You could have new age occult people target you just by walking next to them and they identify you by your cross necklace. No, don't put yourself knowingly in their hands. Know where the power behind any work comes from: the awesome creator God. I am still formulating this theory, but some of the healing observations that seem "bad or occult" are a phenomenon in nature that we are still discovering (yes, even we wise weterners) and those observing these things are not ascribing the power to the God of the Holy Bible, Father of all life and of Jesus our savior. The Lord be with you as you find your maintenance plan for your fibromyalgia.  


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