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Join The Illuminati.

The Illuminati is a defunct secret society formed by a fervent Academic, Adam Weishaupt in

Balvaria, 1776. The cult as its name suggests, was a group of intellectuals who came

together to instill discipline in themselves, infiltrate government agencies, and create a

new world order. However, the original illuminati was disbanded by the government of

Balgaria, when all secret societies were banned, though even before then, strong internal

problems were already leading the illuminati cult to termination.

That was the 18th century Illuminati. The 21st and 20th centuries also have an illuminati

sect which in words you are more likely to understand, is supposed to sign you up , pull you

into their chain of command, give you enlightenment, and then, power, as you’ll be playing

sinewy roles in the government. This article tries to bring to light, facts about the modern

illuminati, and also helps the reader to join, and utilize the opportunities availed by the

sect, which are enlightenment, enrichment, and empowerment.

The illuminati make people rich, famous and astoundingly powerful. The illuminati, which

means enlightenment, purges your mind of all vestiges of ignorance, backwardness and

naivety. It brings you out of the delusions and illusions which you’ve been subjected to by

your numerous religious escapades, and when you are relieved of these non-propitious

encumbrances, success becomes inevitable.

Knowing that many of us do not understand the illuminati as it is, I’ll go ahead to expound

on this wonderful phenomenon and am hoping that by the time you get to the last paragraph of

this article, you would be on your way to becoming “illuminated”. It would do the reader

good to note that the Illuminati of the 18th century is not the same with the modern

illuminati. The former was a cult, while the latter is a consciousness.

What we offer

Here is the crux of the matter. Illuminati, (enlightenment), first and foremost, gives you a

sound mind. With this, you become poised to acquire fame and wealth. When your mind is

purged of beliefs like “I need to sell my soul to the devil to make money” or “the world

will soon come to an end when Jesus appears in the skies, or “ I need a man of God to pray

for me so I can be successful in life”

And these thoughts are replaced with thoughts like “Greatness, is in me. I only need to work

on it to maximize its potentials”

“I am responsible for my own actions and should forgive myself when I make mistakes, as well

as try not to repeat my mistakes.”

“my destiny is in my hands & can be actualized by no magic wand”

you are already illuminated and the whole world becomes at your feet.

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