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Stephie wrote at 2014-12-09 02:52:08
The Cures Robert Smith loves his wife and he would never leave her. she would also never leave him.

There are soul mates who have telepathic powers with one another. When you find this kind of marriage, it is more perfect heaven than marriages without this intimate and warm spiritual connection.

The Good Lord God joined these two souls in uncommon bliss. No man could separate them. When they were made as one soul, before their incarnations into two bodies in one lifetime, God had spoken.

Amen to that at the risk of imposing.


s wrote at 2014-12-09 23:50:52
His wife, Mary, is so mad at me for weighing less than her, that once she heard that I weighed 103 lbs, had a 19 inch waist and am five inches taller than she is, also wearing a smaller shoe due to smaller bones than she can fit into,

she became jealous and enraged. "Screamed at the make believe, and then she SMILED for a second!"

She hasn't calmed down in 15 years! I am stalked by them still.

She was bragging that she weighs 115, is 5 feet one three and has a thirty inch waist and wears a two.

When I complimented her on her beauty she asked and I dumbly told that I wear three sizes smaller than she, the  smallest they make and so on..

The sexual harassment still has me surrounded in insults and mockery that actually killed some folks who mistook it for them.

If I could only apologize to Mrs. Smith for angering her, I would LOVE TO!

Beauty is only skin deep, and she is prettier than I am.

Poor Mary is an ill woman who suffers from histrionic disorder and believes that she is a Disney Princess, an angel, a victim and a dignified Brit among L. A. "cows, raunch and pigs". She calls herself thinner than Jesus. And she calls me a bigger pig than satan.

Humility is not as ugly and threatening as you may fear, Mrs. Smith. Your vanity will kill you

like a humble prayer will save you.

May the Good Lord be Praised and Thanked of, to , by and through you, pretty lady.


Cure, The (Robert Smith)

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