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Cure, The (Robert Smith)/a forest current / past drum effect sound


Jp wrote at 2014-03-15 04:02:48
Hi Wid!! I am so impressed! you're the first person that I know about that actually knows what electronic equipment Boris Williams used in the 90s! thanks so much! I found the AKAI S3200XL Stereo Sampler on ebay and am thinking of buying it to play a decent The Cure tribute with my band. What I don't know and I pray to God that you know the answer, is WHERE the hell can I find the exact Cure sounds for the triggered effects of Plainsong's chimes, Lullaby's rattle (or whatever sound that is) Disintegrations broken glasses, and so on.... is there any source for that?? Thanks!!


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Cure, The (Robert Smith)

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