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I'm looking for a list of the exact effects Simon used on The Cure in Orange. I have the video but I'm not able to see the specific pedals on the BCB-6. Not just the "Boss flanger" but the specific model (like the BF-2). I'm especially interested in the distortion he used during that period, I've thought perhaps the HM-2, as it was kinda the predecessor to the MT-2, which Simon used for like 15 years, or maybe just the plain DS-1. If you know, I'd also like to what specific effects he used on the Kiss Me tour as well, or even if they were the same effects. I love that distortiony crunch on The Kiss.

ANSWER: Hi Brandon,

For Orange, in the right order from right to left :

- PSM-5 Power supply & Master Switch
- DM-2 Delay
- SD-1 Super Overdrive
- BF-2 Flanger
- CE-2 Chorus (or CE-3, depending on its color, metallic or plain blue)

and maybe but not sure a GE-7 at the end of the chain.

No black pedal in there, hence no HM-2.

As for 1987 era, I'd say exactly the same effects, but DD-2 or DD-3 instead of the DM-2.

Exactly the same pedal board as Robert by the same era.

Hope the answer helps.


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QUESTION: Wow. So you're saying the distortion from Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me was just an overdrive and what was most likely a Stingray?  That's so crazy! I also heard he used an octave back then too, so no truth to that? It kinda sounds like a subtle octaver on a few songs on In Orange. So do you have a picture of his board from In Orange or did you just watch the video or what?

The distortion heard on the album (Kiss me, studio version) is definitely distortion, not overdrive. By that time, Simon started using an Epiphone Rivoli Bass, too (before he switched to a modified Gibson EB-2D). Saying what he used in studio is quite hard, I was not there : Simon had many basses by this time and certainly didn't record Kiss me using a single Stingray. Don't forget that for some concerts in 1987 he also had 2 Peavey 1820 enclosures, certainly driven by 2 amp heads (unidntified at least for me, as they were not lying at the top of the enclosures). So maybe he had 2 pedal boards...

I've got to check again on the original video of Orange if his pedal rig is visible. I have a picture of him in 1986 (round Orange footage, then) shownig the rig I told you about, but I don't know where it's coming from...


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