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I'm sure this has been done to death and you've been asked it many times... but I'm still having some troubles with this song. I seem to have all the rhythms and appropriate tones figured out... I seem to finally have the right sound for Porl's ascending/descending lead riff, PROBLEM is- I am just not sure on how to play it... I am almost certain there are two strings at play, and at the very least that he is ascending with the B next to an open high E... but I'm not sure... pretty much every tab I see lists it as a single string solo... or just sounds off. I was wondering if you could perchance link me to or maybe even tab me out the PROPER way to play the lead riffs on the studio version of "Just Like Heaven" I mean I can get by and it sounds okay don't get me wrong but something is just missing... there is an edge I'm missing or something. If you aren't able to link me to other sites or don't have the time to tab it out, perhaps I can ask another question in which I'll post a few tab snippets and you can at least tell me which is wrong... I have tried watching numerous live videos and that almost confuses me further... like Reeves seems to be doing some much different stuff and idk... I just really would like to play Just Like Heaven as it is on the album, maybe a little more distorted, or sound as good as when Porl played it live... Please and thank you? Maybe I'm just crazy, but I swear to you every tab on the internet is slightly off in some way or another... again, you rock. No hard feelings either way.

Hi Chris,

Sorry for the delay, you know how it's like around Christmas time, people are here and there, but mostly not at home ! Well anyway, for sure Porl played this little riff with a constant high E open string, so yeah, most of the tabs on the internet are just not so correct (playing a C sharp at the 9th fret on the high E string).

On the "Kiss me" original recording, the main riff was played as follows (I only type the main chords, not the exact number of times they are played):

E--0----0----0----0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0---0--- (2x)

E--0----0----0----0---0----0---0----0----0----0----0----------- (1x)

E--0-----0----0----0---0---0---0---0---0---0------ (1x)

I hope it's readable (I just hate typing tabs on the web, and not only because it's not legal... but because they are really hard to read, as the figures never match and align...) and hope it helps. ;-)


Cure, The (Robert Smith)

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