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Wid. wrote at 2013-03-25 13:48:22
As this question was formerly intended to be sent to me, I add some comments.

Although it's been mentionned in some "Guitar World" or "Guitar Player" magazines, The Cure never used a Peavey Ultra 120 head. Robert always trusted his Peavey Musician Mark III until 2002. There is certainly no "Presence" control on a Musician.

Robert used Boss effects extensively from 1984 onwards. "Faith" was not recorded using Boss effects, so there is no chance the setting were the same (he used a MXR M104, a MXR M117 and an Electro Harmonix Memory Man by then).

As for the amps used in 1992, there was a Peavey 212 combo (hard to say which one, because the front panel was removed, but I'd say either a Stereo Chorus 400, or a Classic Chorus 212, but I'd tend to say it was the first one). The Bass VI went to the Peavey Musician. The stage installation was set as follows (for Smith at least, facing stage) : Peavey 412 M cab on the left, Peavey Stereo Chorus 400 on the right with the Peavey Musician lying on its top. That was it. The Stereo Chorus 400 was lying on its ATA flightcase sporting a 1992 Cure-style logo. Perry Bamonte used exactly the same set of amps.

The guitar used by Smith by then were a Fender Bass VI, 2 Gibson Chet Atkins Country Gentleman (a black and a red one) and an Ovation Custom Legend 12-string acoustic (run through the PA).

As for effects, the usual (by then) Boss BCB-6 effects carrying case, loaded with Boss pedals. A Wah pedal (sorry no clue about the brand and model, but I've seen he later used a Dunlop Cry Baby) was also there.


Pabcrane wrote at 2014-12-31 19:47:39
I can add that Porl was using Mesa Boogie Blue Angel amps on the Wish tour.

Wid wrote at 2015-06-02 11:30:21
@ Pabcrane :

Certainly not Mesa Boogie Blue Angel for Porl. These amps are tagged with a large "Rectifier" logo on the front panel, Porl's one didn't feature this logo.  

I'd say Mesa Boogie Mark III or Studio 22.

He had 4 of these onstage.


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