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Hi Wid!
There are many Pics of the Band on Stage, but I canīt figure out which Amps and Effect Pedals were used in particular.

I really love the Fender VI Sound on "Show" and in my opinion itīs a shame RS changed it nowadays.
Same is with the Guitar Sound.

Iīd like to known EVERYTHING about the Bass VI and Guitar Sound on the "Wish" Era: Models, Settings, Secrets.

Thank you so much, and by the way: You are doing a fantastic Job!
Iīve spent a lot of time reading in here...

We'll start talking about the Fender VI bass. It always goes through the same 3 Boss pedals- a digital delay, a chorus and a noise gate. The last one is there just enough to cut off the delay. That always gets played through an early 80's Peavey Ultra head and a 4x12 cabinet. On the amp, the mid in rolled off completely, the bass is half up and the treble is full up. The presence is set to about half.  More often than not Robert always sets things at 0,5 or 10 depending on what it is. The 4 knobs on the delay pedal are all set to the 12 o'clock position, except for the knob on the far right that is set slightly off the 12 o'clock at 800 milliseconds. On the chorus, the left hand knob is set at 10 o'clock, and the right hand knob is at 2 o'clock.  This set up and settings has stayed the same since the Faith album.

I don't know exactly what amps they had on stage for the Wish tour, but here's a list of some of the amps they've used around that same time period: Line 6 Flextone Plus, Ampeg VL503 combo, Marshall Bluesbreaker, Vox AC30, Fender Twin Reverb, Peavey Ultra 120 head and 412S cab. They've also recently made use of Orange brand amplifiers.

As for pedals, Robert's used the same pedal set up for years- a pedalboard loaded with various Boss pedals: a phaser, a flanger, a digital delay, an overdrive, a Blues Driver, and a line driver. There used to be a chorus pedal in there, but when he started using the Flextone he just used it's built-in chorus. Not sure if that's changed at all.  Perry used Boss pedals as well: flanger, phaser, delay, distortion and tremelo. On the tour of the last album, Porl used Cornford amps and he's often had Boss pedals in front of him as well.

I think that's about as much as I can tell you.  Hope this helps!

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