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Does the Cure and their various drummers never use a ride cymbal? Do you know why?

Hi Matt,

You are right, ride cymbals are rarely used in The Cure's discography.

I think one the only song using (slightly) a ride that comes to my mind is "The Weedy Burton" on "Three Imaginary Boys" that comes to my mind (there are few ride strokes, but even doubt it's really a ride). Anyway, this song was a joke, wasn't it ?

At the top of their jazziest era, Andy Anderson used a ride on "Speak my langage", well it sounded like it. Here are footage of the recording sessions of "The Lovecats" at Studio des Dames in Paris, in august 1983 : - (no ride to be seen though, the accent are played with a crash). "Speak my language" has never been played onstage, as far as I know.

Answering why they never used rides in their drumset would mean being in the drummers' head or in Robert's mind. I simply don't know, I'd say either Robert doesn't like the sound of this cymbal or the drummers who played and the one still playing in this band never liked it.

A thing for sure, ride cymbals have never been seen onstage with this band. Lol Tolhurst, Andy Anderson, Boris Williams never used such cymbals live. I don't know about Jason Cooper, but all I know is that despite his hopeless love of cymbals bashing I never saw him using one.   

The Cure music is mainly based on "cinetic" changes, so they mainly use hihat to count the beats and crash or china cymbals to accent their music (some splash too, Boris really liked them and used them scarcely but inventively).  

Hope the answer helps.


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