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QUESTION: What guitar is Rob Smith playing in the "Fascination Street" video?  It's not a Schecter; I've thoroughly checked their website.  The guitar is fairly visible at .33 and again at 1.26 of the video.

Thank you, Rob!

ANSWER: That would be his 1963 Coral electric sitar guitar.  It's an instrument he's actually used throughout a great deal of The Cure's career.

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QUESTION: You did such a great job with the Coral Sitar, Rob.  What an incredible sound he got out of that!  

One more similar question.  What's the brand of 12-string guitars Robert Smith used in the videos "Just Like Heaven" and "It's Friday I'm in Love"?  

Thank you again!

Jim Price

I think in both of those (if we're talking just the standard video for Just Like Heaven and the official live video for Friday I'm In Love) it's his Ovation Custom Legend. He started using one of those about '85. Nowadays it's a Takamine that he's been using on stage for 12-string stuff.

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