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Hello there, awesome little nook you have carved out here. Down to business! I have been playing guitar for some years now, 23 years old so I have any to go if I'm lucky... Anyways, I was initially attracted  by greats like Alvin Lee and Roy Buchanan, though I was and am huge on The Kinks as well... it wasn't until this year I sat and seriously listened to The Cure and my friend I am HOOKED. However, being as I'm not rich and in the 80's, I don't even know where to begin for equipment. I do have a digitech pedal that allows me to program custom tones... So as far as a "general" Robert Smith type-tone, what settings would you recommend? Details, please, kind sir! If I need to pick a song, let's go with the lead guitar in Just Like Heaven. What is my best bet for reciprocating that sound as far as guitar/amp/pedal settings go? Thank you so much!

As far as the basic "Cure" sound that hear on so many of their songs, that can be accomplished mostly with a combination of delay and chorus.  Robert Smith generally uses Boss pedals, but you can get pretty much the same sound using other units.  Here's a quote from Robert from a magazine article when asked about his pedal settings: "There are 4 knobs on the delay, and they're all set at 12 o'clock- apart from the knob on the far right, which is set slightly off from 12 o'clock at 800 milliseconds...On the chorus, the left-hand knob is at two o'clock." That's about all I know about his settings.  Hopefully that helps though.  Check out the website for Boss pedals to see what exactly each of the knobs is controlling and you may be able to dial in something similar on your Digitech.  

Cure, The (Robert Smith)

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