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Hi Wid,
I apologize if you've had this question before, but a few hours of searching has brought back nothing.
I'm looking for Robert's EQ settings for the period of "sad" 80's albums (Seventeen Seconds - Pornography era).
I know that with his Bass VI the Peavey was set

Bass - 5
Mid - 0
Treble - 10

or thereabouts, but I'm unsure if he had a different set up for guitar amps, considering he used a different collection of pedals for the bass VI also. I just feel that cutting all of the midrange from his Jazzmaster would sound odd? Maybe I'm wrong. I play a JM into a Peavey via Boss pedals myself, and I always loved the space RS' guitar sits in the mix on these records.

Thanks in advance, you seem very knowledgeable on the subject.

Hi Daria,

I don't know what you can achieve with the kind of settings you mention, but it would certainly lead to eardrums splitting troubles (at least with the 2 main amps used during this era).

In 1980 / 1981, Robert used a Roland JC-160 (I suspect it was used as a backup amp for guitars in 1981, and mainly drove the synths because a Roland RS-09 played through such an amp plays exactly the same as what could be heard by then). I lost the experience about this one (JC-160), but as I'm still owning a JC-120 which is pretty similar, here is the settings I use :

High : 6 to 7
Mid : 5
Low : 4 to 5

In 1981 / 1982, Robert switched from Roland JC-160 to a Peavey Musician Mark III head and 412 cab. After watching a few hundreds pics from this era, here is what I found out :  

Input : Automix (both channels A and B are "on" - both LEDs lit).

Channel A :
* Pre : between 5 and 6
* Low : 4
* High : 6
* Post : between 4 and 5
* Phaser : Color : 0 / Off (but I'm sure that the phaser heard on "A strange day" is coming from the Peavey head. In this case the settings are something around : Color 4 / Rate : 1 to 2).

Channel B :
* Pre : 5
* Low : 4
* Mid : 5
* High : 6
* Post : 5
* Reverb : 1

Don't forget the Peavey Musician Mark III also features a graphic EQ which can be engaged while  channels A/B's EQs are still operating. The settings for 1982 (as seen on pics) were a harsh "U" shape :

Low range :
* 100 Hz : around +10 (on a -12/+12 range)
* 300 Hz : around +9
* 600 Hz : around -10

High range :
* 1.5 khz : around -10
* 3 kHz : around +9
* 8 kHz : around +10

But having said that, I use my Peavey Musician head with a less agressive setting which works pretty well too ("V" shape) (this was used by Robert Smith in 1986) :

Low range :
* 100 Hz : around +6
* 300 Hz : around +3
* 600 Hz : around 0

High range :
* 1.5 khz : around 0
* 3 kHz : around +6
* 8 kHz : around +10

As for pedals, I don't think he used any different rig for his Jazzmaster and Bass VI through this era. To summarize it, it was :

  - 1980 / 1981 : MXR "Distortion +" (M104) / MXR "Flanger" (M117) / Electro Harmonix "Deluxe Memory Man".
  - 1982 : Boss DS-1 "Distortion" / MXR "Flanger" (M117) / Electro Harmonix "Deluxe Memory Man" / Boss CE-3 "Chorus" taped to the amp head (some videos show a Boss BF-2 Flanger, but it was certainly used for synths, well, that would be logical, because it was located beside the keyboard of what I think was a Korg Trident).   

So the question is : how did Robert divide the input of the effect chain for his Jazzmaster and Bass VI ? To this one, I've no reply... Except that one of the 3 amps used by The Cure in 1982 on stage  was a combination of a Peavey Musician Mk III head and 215 BW cab. This one was certainly used to amplify the Bass VI and synths (the Jazzmaster went through a 412 cab). Simon used a Peavey Bass Mk III with a 215 BW cab.

Hope the answer helps.


Cure, The (Robert Smith)

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