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This is a difficult question, so I am hoping that you can help me.
I know that perhaps one is not supposed to ask about things of a personal nature but this is, to me, relevant and important because I have been a fan for nearly 30 years.  Much evidence points to the possibility that perhaps Robert's wife Mary chose to leave him several years ago (around 2008). I know how guarded and private Robert is but on the other hand, his fans will support him and remain enthusiastic no matter what the case may be.  Also, someone within the band or very close to the band is online as The Lost Boy and Marsworld, Mars Music, Mars Records, etc.  Their identity is never revealed.  I feel that only Robert would do this. The individual in this project produces instrumental electronic music involving the theme of broken dreams and lost love and he writes poetry which may break your heart if you read it.  Then he releases it under a sort of autonomous, self-created record label called Mars Records and/or Mars Music and he works with Bandcamp, a publisher of independent artists' music. Also, he has various European artists offer to add singing or lyrics to his instrumental music.  These other groups or artists are not within The Cure and they are separate.  If you look into this, you will feel as I do that all roads point to Robert.  So bottom line, is he The Lost Boy and did Mary go???? :-(  Merci, Jacqueline Martin

Hello Jacqueline,

I never heard before about "The Lost Boy". So I gave it a listen.

Even if it for sure sounds Cure-ish (instrumentation, mood, way of playing), I'm quite sure none of The Cure members are involved in it. To me, it's just someone playing with a very Cure related influence, and that's all about it. You know, anyone can get the instruments The Cure played through the years and easily sound like the band (and it's getting easier and easier with computer assisted music and VSTs).

Still, I really don't know how you can be so sure there is a hidden member (Smith or whoever else) in there. Your certainty is enthusiastic, but having heard some tracks, I may admit it sounds like The Cure for a few seconds, but it all stops there. It's certainly not Smith (aka Bunny Lake), and if it is (well, I might be wrong, after all), I know why I lost interest in his post-2000 musical directions (I'm trying to be as diplomatic as possible !). Honestly, I find it... erm... particularly boring and musically poor !

Another hint : why the hell would Smith (or another Cure member) bother recording this music in... Italy ?!?

So ok, it sounds Cure-ish, but dozens bands sound the same. If just piling up Bass VI lines and 2 notes of detuned guitars may sound Cure-ish for 30 seconds, a 7-minute track with a single unvaried pattern is not that interesting, all in all (just been listening to "The lost dream EP", and despite having played it in its entirety, it really revealed no particular emotion whatsoever). To say the least, that's what I heard in these tracks, nothing more. Influenced, yeah, but gifted or inspired, certainly not. It really lacks this sparkle...

As for Mary having left or not, well, I don't know. It's Smith's private life, and I never digged into that.

Hope the answer helped.


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