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Over the last few years, apart from the marriage issue, I have noticed an increased acceptance and even promotion of gays in the US media.
When I lived in Europe, no one was concerned about your sex preference-in England many gay celebrities were fondly regarded.
When I moved to Canada, the gay marriage issue went un-noticed except for a few religious nuts, and the few celebrities we have, no one commented on wheter they were gay-even the obvious ones.
I watch a lot of US cable TV, and gays are all over the place.
Is this a new fad because its cool to be gay or have a gay friend now?

No, its more prevalent now because the gay community in the U.S. are aggressively determined to push the idea that being gay is "normal." Therefore, you will see more programming to that end. If you oppose that view, you will be attacked.

All scientific surveys put the homosexual population at about 4%. However, that 4% is attracted to the arts, so they are overly-represented in the media. That representation pushes the "pro-gay" agenda. That is why you see so much positive news and programs about the gay life style.

When was the last time you saw the fact that the average life span of a male homosexual in the U.S. is 51 years? Probably never, I would guess. However, it is a statistic. If you are a gay man, your life expectancy in 2013 is the same as a non-gay man in 1857.

Most all states that have gay marriage have it through the legislature or through judicial edicts. Maryland is the only jurisdiction that voted in favor of gay marriage. In 31 other elections (including California), it was defeated.

The militant campaign to promote the gay lifestyle as "normal" will continue, which is why you will continue to see it pushed in the media.

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