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What do you think of the relaxing of pot laws? What do you see happening to American society down the road?
I think they should have left it like it is-its not hard to get on with nobody knowing (except your friends) Who wants to bee seen coming out of a pot shop? They will have cameras, be able to track your purchases, now the government will know you smoke pot!
Also, will a prospective employer give you a job? Many skilled trades require you to be booze and drug free.
Also, I know it is common, and I do indulge infrequently, but I also know a lot of 'chronics' with no ambition.
Up here in Canada, its legal with a prescription, but not hard to get without one,and cops dont waste time charging you for having a few joints.
Thanks for your thoughts!

Hi Barry,

Thank you for your question.

In my opinion, the criminalization of small amounts of drugs has not deterred use, but has swamped the American criminal justice system with non-violent offenders. It has further both exposed and helped to maintain the racism inherent in that system. So, I judge that criminalization has not only failed to accomplish its goals, but instead has harmed society more than the presence of certain drugs.

Polls indicate a growing tolerance for pot in American society, which would mean that an individual may not mind being seen in a pot shop, since there may be no stigma attached to that. Regarding employers, my supposition is that employers don't want workers to be impaired on the job, nor using illegal substances. If pot is legalized, and a worker refrains from using or being impaired on the job, then there should be no problem.

In my view, pot usage is pervasive, and has been for a while. Currently, generation who never objected to it are now making the laws. Some of them have concluded that the criminalization of pot does more harm than good. I expect that decriminalization will occur in other states for the same reason.

I hope that this is helpful, Barry!

- Marc  

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