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Thanks, Dennis, for your volunteering. I've read some of your answers and I'm impressed.

I'm hoping you can throw some light on the President's displeasure with Sony's action in withdrawing "The Interview" from release. I know that Sony's original announcement suggested that Sony would not release the picture in any form, but it later made it very clear that other platforms--such as DVD and streaming--are being actively considered. Yet the President since those new remarks has been even more critical.

Sony withdrew the picture from theatrical release only after companies representing 90% of the screens nationwide said they would not exhibit the picture. Under these circumstances it would seem to make no sense for Sony to go ahead in the hope that the other 10% would show it.

Can you help me understand the President's point of view?

The President's point of view for this and any other issue is: "What can I say or do that will make me look good."

He has no concern for the reality of the moment, or how logical or illogical something he says may sound. For years he said he couldn't do amnesty of illegals because by taking that line, it made him sound like a constitutional scholar who cares about the rule of law. Then he does exactly what he said he couldn't do because now he explains to a different audience that he is a caring, empathy-driven man who must be fair.

Why did he pull the troops out of Iraq? Because it made him look good, and because (according to him) the war was over and we had accomplished our goal. After the country fell apart to ISIS he sends troops back in to prevent a complete disaster, since that would not make him look good.

Name an issue: Sony, Ferguson, normalizing relations with Cuba even though they do nothing in return - Obama is only concerned about "optics." He wants to be seen as doing "great" things, but he can barely tie his shoes.

Don't look for meaning into anything he does or says other than what audience he is playing to at the moment. Sony is trying to recoup some of the millions of dollars it spent in making the movie. That is their only concern. They'll probably change the end of the movie (where Kim Il Un's head explodes) and release it to Direct TV or Netflix.

Then Obama will probably decry how Sony has kowtowed to the North Koreans by changing the ending OR praise Sony for releasing the film in spite of the dangers involved - whichever statement will make him look better.

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