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Ok. I understand that what Donald Sterling said was wrong. But a few things still bother me.

1. the girl who taped the conversation: Do you normally go around and tape private conversations?

2. Does the NBA really have the authority to ban him from the games? Isn't that like telling the boss he can't come to work?

3. How can anyone FORCE him to sell? Whether or not you agree with what he said Isn't it illegal to try and FORCE someone into any situation?

It all depends on what the rules for the NBA say. If he signed on as an owner, and the by-laws say we can kick you out and force you to sell with 3/4 vote of all the other owners, then he has no legal leg to stand on.

However, if the by-laws say any public act or utterance that brings dishonor on the league can get you kicked out - then that's another story. He did nothing public. He had a personal conversation that was recorded. If it was actually couples counseling, then that is supposed to be covered by laws of confidentiality. The therapist can be prosecuted if he/she released those tapes.

If the girlfriend recorded it and released the recording (she says she didn't) his lawyers can argue that it was private conversation with his mistress/girlfriend, and that all he said was he just didn't want his half black, half Hispanic girlfriend humiliating him in public him by dragging all these black sports studs around with her, he never showed or said anything disparaging about black people. It was the public aspect of her actions that bothered him - and was the focus of the conversation.

You can also add to the mix, what if he wants to sell the team to his wife who didn't say all those things, or maybe the ownership is in a trust with him and others (like his wife) then what are their legal standings.

If I was his age and had his money, I fight them in court until I died, and then let my estate continue the fight.

To answer your question though - it all depends on the wording of the documents Sterling signed when he was allowed to buy the team.

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