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Hi Mark,
I am writing from Canada, but this is also an issue in the US, maybe more so.
There is a sizable minority of muslims where I work, in a local government run facility. Some stop their work to pray by themselves, in the building. We have three work breaks a day, why dont they pray then?  This has caused some discontent. The smokers have been forced to leave the building and smoke ten meters from the property line! I have seen a Moslem smoker stop work to pray, then a few minutes later, leave the building to smoke! Also, I have noticed that many professional atheletes, mostly soccer players, pray on the field, in full public view. I checked the Koran. It says :Pray Quietly, With Humility and in Secret". This is how, as a Christian, I pray. I am not against Muslim prayer, I am all for it, but why this open display, seemingly against teachings. Some would say they are 'flaunting their religion'. Recently, a petition went around to ban pork in the cafeteria. It almost passed, with the vegetarians joining the Moslems!
Thanks for letting me rant! Peace-out as the hipsters would say! ;-)

Hi Bud,

In my opinion, no particular group has a monopoly on trying to get away with as much as it can. In this case and others, it seems to me, Muslims are granted certain flexibility and privileges so that no one can be accused of discrimination against them. And the people that you mentioned may be exploiting the goodwill and caution that has been extended on their behalf.

As the petition in the cafeteria demonstrates, various interests are constantly competing for control of society. The participants change but the competition doesn't. The best strategy to ensure that society is the way you want it to be is by entering the competition and trying to win it.

Hope that gives food for thought!


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