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I have been hearing the term "Cash Cow" being parlayed around. I am confused the more I hear it. First I heard it was in a book about the NASA space program referring to the space shuttle being a "Cash Cow" used in a derogatory way. Like it was a waste of money but cash was thrown at it for political reasons and it did not produce the way it was supposed to.

I understood from the book that to say Cash Cow basically meant you were saying "It's a clunker" or a lemon if you are talking about a bad car. So I assumed that meant for anything to, a cash cow, was a derogatory word.

Then on Fox Business today they said Cash Cow referring to a company and a stock to invest in, and Matt McCall says "It's doing very well." Meaning cow cow is good.

Is Cash Cow good or bad? I am going to take Nasa and CalTech author word Cash Cow is not something good. Over fox news. Maybe Fox news are a moron that is why they don't know.


Hi Mark,

A cash cow is something that produces cash flow with the same ease and regularity that a cow produces milk - hence "cash cow." For example, the iPhone is a cash cow for Apple. Or, SUVs are cash cows for car manufacturers. That is, both examples dependably deliver income - as if they were cows that consistently supplied milk. So, proper usage means that cash cows are definitely good to have.

I hope this helps!

- Marc

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