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Cybersex/hubby having cybersex !


Hey Angie !
I have been in love with my hubby for three and a half years now,we were both virgins but we did it befor getting married for three years!
I have figured out that he has been having cybersex and watching porn all the way and for the last two years he had two cybersex affairs with older women(15 years age differance).should i be worried about that?is there any real emotions in cybersex or is it purely virtual ?

Well for the most part those relationships stay virtual, but I personally would be upset. But as long as you trust him and are OK with it, then it's fine. If you don't then you should talk to him and have him understand how you feel. If he loves you, he will change:)  


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I can answer any questions about different topics that you might want to bring up during Cybersex. I can also guide you to different chat sites (age appropriate of course) where you could fulfill your Cybersex chat needs. But most of all, I will listen with an open ear to any question you have. Cybersex is a very personal topic, and I do not judge anyone that wants to get involved in it.


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