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Hi I get really turned on from cybersex and also flirting and showing on web cams.. I don't know if it's weird I just find it very exciting to do this with a random person somewhere in the world! I am 28 year old male, just wondering if you knew any good cam websites or cyber sex and if this was weird for a man my age? Thanks

Hi Jermy-

Don't worry, there are a lot of people like you. The beat free site (I think it's free still) is one called 4cam. Just google it. You can use your webcam and see others.

Hope this helps.

Actually I meant Cam4. Google that, because that is the free one.


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I can answer any questions about different topics that you might want to bring up during Cybersex. I can also guide you to different chat sites (age appropriate of course) where you could fulfill your Cybersex chat needs. But most of all, I will listen with an open ear to any question you have. Cybersex is a very personal topic, and I do not judge anyone that wants to get involved in it.


I work as a licensed Psychologist in the state of Florida. I work with a wide range of patients, and have the experience and listening capability to help you with this topic.

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