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QUESTION: Hey Steve.

 I know this is probably out of the ordinary since it isn't a "what kind of equipment.." type of question, but I wanted your opinion on an event.

 I was working as a karaoke DJ for a company when I got hired by a casino to do their karaoke with our equipment. So throughout the job, week after week, the Director of Human Relations would continuously get sloshed AT WORK (off the clock?) and change up my rotation. My rotation was first come, first serve unless they find a greenback with my name on it. So the co-owner of the casino walks in one day and sees me singing. He pulls the Director aside and asks a) why am I singing? and b) why am I singing that song? The song for the record was Date Rape by Sublime and I was allowed to sing any song, and only if a few people were singing. That night, NO ONE was singing except for me and my boss for the first half hour at least. So her response to aforementioned questions were, according to a friend and witness to the conversation, "I don't know." Clearly, if we both had a clear, concise verbal agreement wouldn't she be throwing me under the bus?  She obviously was trying to keep herself out of trouble. I was removed from the location as DJ and had our boss fill in with someone else. I called weeks later to discuss what happened, but never received a return phone call. So from DJ to DJ, do you agree with this? No one liked what she did, so I'm not alone in this. I just want to hear it from someone who's in the business of sharing good music with the world. Thanks!


ANSWER: Hello Frank(fellow DJ). Thank you for your question.  Your boss sounded like any boss would in any given situation which was to say what her client would almost like to hear, however by just simply replying "I don't know"  also tells me that she wasn't throwing you totally under the bus but rather caught off guard and tried to stay more neutral while as i said at the same time staying more positive to the client side of things.  You and I both know that some venues are better then others and I am sure others in the future will well make up for your experience you had at that establishment.  
Keep spinning the tunes and feel free to ask my opinion on any thing else.  

Steve Parker.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Bah! Upon re-reading this, I probably should've mentioned my REAL boss was on-site, but the Director of Human Personnel for the Casino was the one who had the talk with the co-owner of said casino. Not sure if you knew, but wanted to make sure. Thanks for the great reply!

Also, I think this is bad, but what seems to make it worse is that NO ONE asked about MY side of the story.

I just noticed in the original question that under questioner your name said Frank but you signed after the question as Andrew so my apologies if I had got your name wrong.  Anyways I have not yet listened to the said song you were singing but obviously the co-owner of the casino felt that it was inappropriate for you to do so.  He also sounds like he is not in tune with the real world that you are there as a host and need to get some action happening from the patrons.  As I implied in my last answer, there are a lot of people at parties etc, that think they know it all and think music should be catered to just them and not the whole crowd.  We have to just chalk up these and your experience to just that grand old saying..."it is what it is"!!  Also in the future, simply talk to the organizers to get them to explain what they don't want vs. what they do.  Both DJ's and organizers should never assume what procedures are going to be right for the other.  

Steve Parker

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