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i can mix fine and get how it all works ive succesfully made 2 mixes over 40 min long that sound great however i spent hours days sometimes weeks finding the correct song to mix in next.if i ever played live it would be a HUGE FAIL i only use TRAKTOR DJ STUDIOS 3 and my laptop pad to make these mixes. my question is how do you find your next song quickly what do you have to consider to make it happen. Can you mix any 2 songs together?
any tips advise anything will be a tremedous help

Hi Marty. Thanks for your question.  Using the right equipment is only a small part of being a successful D.J.  It does in fact take months if not years to be familiar with all kind of songs and music.  It's best not to panic at this point but you need to decide what music you think people are going to enjoy and dance to.  The type of functions you perform at will play a big part in the type of music you play.  The music of being in a club vs. a wedding vs. a jack and Jill stag are all very different.  You need to know the old standards that cater to an older crowd however you also need to be familiar with all the new up-to-date music.  You may do this by reading music charts of past and present.  Ask as many people as you can the songs they remember the most or like to dance to the most.  Attend as many gathering as you can to watch how people react to certain music.  Get opinions from other Disc Jockeys on the internet of what stuff is successful to play.  The next part is the flow of the music.  You don't want to play a heavy rock song after you play a ballad for example.  It sounds to abrupt and makes people leave the dancefloor as their system has been shocked into not knowing what to do.  Don't play beat mixed music all night unless you are in a nightclub.  The same beat gets boring after a while.  Group your music into small sets like 3 dance and disco songs or 3 or 4 medium beat popular rock songs.  If you play at weddings then play the older music at the beginning of the night. This is because the older people leave early and you want to try and keep them there with music of their era.  The same goes with the young people.  As they drink more, they get more rowdy and want to dance more.  A peak in the night should be around 12 midnight with such songs as "Old Time Rock and Roll" or "Mony Mony".
Keep track of the music that people enjoy the most and most importantly, play for the crowd...NOT YOURSELF.  Too many bad d.j's just play what they want to hear themselves which is in my opinion the biggest cardinal sin of being a Disc Jockey.
I could go on and on but I hope this bit of info helps.

Steve Parker
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