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QUESTION: I have a USB mixer that I want to connect to the computer and control or automate things on my music program. I bought this second hand and do not have the drivers. I can't get it to seem to connect. The only thing I see online is that people are using it as an audio device/sound card. it is a behringer x1222usb. do you know where I can go to get help?

ANSWER: Hi Peter.  Although you did not provide which operating system you are using, here are two links to a driver that may work.  These are 32 bit drivers.  If you need the 64 bit ones then reply back.  I assume that you have tried different usb ports on your computer as well?!
hope this helps.


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QUESTION: Hey steve, I do have 64 bit. thank you so much! so you think its possible even though your link is for a different model? also even though I don't have a specifically designed "contoller", you think it may work as one?

Hi again Peter.  Here are the links for the 64 bit versions of the drivers.   Although another mixer is listed, your model was also listed for these when I found them.


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