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Dear Sir

I am running WIN XP SP2. I have a CA Clipper Apps complied in Ver 5.00 or 5.01 (do not know exactly). Source code is not available.

The system is working well set and is being used on day to day basis for daily operations.

After replacing the F1 F7 (hex) chars with 90 90 (hex) i got it in running condition (initially it was producing Runtime error R60003 - Divide by zero. Now the problem is solved.

But i am facing another problem, i am unable to get the reports processed by the app. on display mode. (Printing is working fine) but every time it is not possible get it printed.  So operations requires only references to be taken on screen via reports.

The app. processes the report but did not displays it on screen even the report viewer windows also do not appears in most of the cases.

What can be done to bring it in order.  Can you guide me and what approach should i have while attending this kind of problem.



Hi Narendra,

I do not understand when you say "i am unable to get the reports processed by the app. on display mode". Are you trying to take a screen shot of the report ?. How do you capture the report in Display mode, please explain.

If your getting any error message , I would suggest that you search for the error in Google and try solving the issue




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