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DOS/Installing LOTUS 2.3 on Windows xp


March 13, 2015

I am 86 and learned to use the computer at age 60.  I have been using LOTUS 2.3 for DOS and WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS since 1992.   A few years ago I upgraded to Windows XP so I could continue to use LOTUS 2.3 for DOS and WordPerfect 5.1 for DOS.  At that time, I was able to easily install both on XP from disks.

This past Monday my computer was attacked by a virus.  I have an excellent repair person and he was able to save my WordPerfect files.  I was able to install the WordPerfect program files from five 3 1/2 inch disks and access all of my documents.

I was not so fortunate regarding LOTUS.

I can't tell if he was able to save the LOTUS files since I can't access them because I can't install the LOTUS 2.3 program files from the same disks I used when I first got XP.

I went to the c:\ screen and typed a: install and got through the first few steps of installation.

I was able to get to the following screen:


     Before Install can transfer the 1-2-3 program files
     to your hard disk, you must specify a disk drive and   
     a directory name.  On this screen you specify a drive
     and on the next screen you will specify directory on
     which Install will transfer the 1-2-3 program files.

     Type the letter of your hard-drive:  C

     Press ENTER to continue.

     F1 displays Help      ESC returns to previous screen

C was already shown as the letter of my hard-drive and pressing ENTER did NOT
cause the next screen to appear.

The operation then was frozen.

I then tried to install LOTUS using XP's Add and Remove Programs and got suck at the same screen.

I appreciate anything you can do to help.

John Imhof

I have a Windows XP computer at home. Right now I'm at my office. I'm not sure if I still have those installation disks. Let me check if I can give you a nice procedure.

The first time you installed Windows XP, was your hard drive formatted as FAT-32 or NTFS ? Do you know this detail?

Maybe the installer can't access a NTFS filesystem. It's newer. Also you need to check if the hard drive was changed. If it's bigger, chances are the installer can't detect the disk size.

Try running the installer in compatibility mode. Open the .COM or .EXE file in windows explorer, right click it and in Properties, (I don't remember them exactly), check the parameters needed to run in compatibility mode for DOS.

Please let me know how it works, I'll try to do a complete installation at home.


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