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Dachshunds/New born duchshund puppy pooing blood


My Dachshund (Kia) had 6 pups on Sunday.

She was super weak after that and didnít want to eat or drink water.
She was vomiting everything we gave her.
We then took her to a vet, (Monday) and at that time she was so skinny.
They asked me whatís the matter.. I told them sheís not well not eating
or any water.
They hardly touched her, the gave her injections. A vitamins, to stop
vomiting and something for the pain.

She was no better so we took her to another place on tuesday, they put
her on a drip and said we must leave the pups with her.
I told them that her milk is hard and cant feed the pups, they said the
pups must be with her.
So we left them there for the night.
We went back on Wednesday and 3 pups had died.

I think they didnít eat from 11am tue..
They didnít bother to check on the pups or nothing..

I took the 3 pups that made it home and got puppy milk with a bottle to
feed them myself.
Late last night one of the pups dies again..

I saw that puppy had been pooing blood and was not sure what it was. i didnít want to take them back there again.. (I know that you might say to take them to a vet and i want to but they didnt care)
There is only 2 pups left and one of them started pooing blood to.
I was hoping if you might know anything about this..

Please help..

Not being a vet, I am not sure but it does not sound good.  It could be parasites or a number of causes and unfortunately it requires medical intervention.  The mother may have passed something to them.  Is the mother doing any better?  I wonder if they treated her for anything else that perhaps can help the pups.  Newborns are harder to treat.  I wish I could give you hope and good news but at this point, it looks like medical help may be their only chance of survival.  Still, miracles happen -  keep them warm, fed, and clean.  I am hoping for the best for you, but they really do need medical help.  Is there anywhere you can take them that would care?    After this, you might want to consider not having any more pups.  The mom does not sound healthy.  Best wishes for the babies.


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