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Hi we have a 12 month old mini long hair doxie female we purchased from a reputable breeder and took home at 12 weeks. She is very independent and really doesnt require much holding, not a lap dog for sure. If you call her, she ignores you and if you try to pick her up, unless she really wants to be held, she runs away, and will even nip at you to avoid being picked up. She does not like her back side area touched at all either.  If you try to pick her up, sometimes she will just roll over on her back in a submissive pose but seems to avoid being picked up at all costs.  She was spayed at 5 months, and I wonder if that experience was traumatic and maybe now she doesnt want to be handled because she remembers being touched and then "hurt"???? Just curious as to your thoughts...we love her but were hoping for a little more of a friendly disposition. I would categorize her as a bossy stubborn personality that needs to be reminded who is pack leader. thanks- happy new year.

Spaying has nothing to do with it.  I had a 5 month old doxie who went through neutering AND a leg amputation and he is very loving. That was a trauma.  Some dogs are just like that - it is nothing to do with you.  I have rescues who are terrified to be picked up.  We started with a treat and a pet.  You can coax her onto a pillow (dog one) and start by having her sit with you and then pet her head or somewhere she likes.  Then try laying a hand lightly on her shoulders for a few seconds when she is comfortable with sitting near you and give her a treat.  It is something you just have to work on.  She may never like it.  We have an abused rescue that hates being picked up and after 4 years we can now put an arm around him without picking him up and on rare occasions can pick him up off the floor and put him on the bed and let him go immediately.  He runs to a spot and lays down.  It is not his fault, he just does not like being picked up but we have been working on it in case there is a problem or emergency and we can get hold of him.  Practice calling her and giving her a treat when she comes. I like to use Bil Jac mini treats.  Be patient and give her time and work with her.  She is young yet.  One more thing - have her back checked at the vet - if she hates it being touched she could have some discomfort - just to be sure.  Good luck!


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