i recently lost my dachshund. he was attacked by another one of my dogs and broke both jaw bones. he was 13 and i had to make a very hard decision to have him put down. this has been extremely hard for me to deal with. i am doubting myself ast to whether or not i should have done this. he did have 11 teeth pulled about 4 monthes ago but im still secong guessing myself. just want to know if i did the right thing.i never knew that i would cry everyday and its really driving me crazy. i loved him more than anything. help

It is never easy.  You had to do what was best for him - remember that and they good times you had with him.  I have felt the guilt and doubts when I lost one and it will take a long time to feel better.  I wonder myself if I did the right thing, but there is not going back and I try to remember the best times.  Go ahead and cry - it is okay.  I still get upset thinking about the loss of 2 of my best friends and get sad even though they have been gone 4 and 5 years.  


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